Living with cardiovascular conditions can be extremely difficult physically, emotionally and practically, it is not reserved for older people – the aims for most people are to achieve old age with a good quality of life!

To the mighty oak, whose trustworthy branches have been struck by a simple bolt of fate?

Cardiovascular conditions lead to heart failure

“Fear not, for you have strength yet to be realised. Allow the sun to shine through”

HOPELINKs is an independent organisation identifying  a variety of self-care options to support your well-being, many recommended and run by people with ‘lived experience.’

“We can’t HOPE to support everyone within the spectrum of Cardiovascular Disease. Our passion will always derive from our very roots of ‘Living with Heart Failure;’ A positive approach, to influence and maintain the need for understanding, how it is possible and practical to maintain a good quality of life, by self-managing many of the aspects associated with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)”.

Pauline Mountain MBE Founder, Hearts of Positive Energy  


H.O.P.E. has remained true to its mission for 10yrs and will continue to provide weekly support every Thursday afternoon at the beautiful Cathedral Centre, Minster yard, Lincoln.

HOPELINKs is a natural step as we embark on our next chapter of Life! Cardiovascular or CVD as it’s often called, is not easily understood by everyone involved, our ethos is centred  around ‘Living with a can-do attitude to life’ with A constant friend, who just ‘gets it’

HOPELINK’s mission – connecting the Cardiovascular Community by providing a framework whereby any organisation, regardless of size or structure, offering well-being support to patients, carers & their families can flourish for the benefit of the community it aims to support, whilst maintaining their individuality and independence!

Living with cardiovascular conditions means that life can go on…
With a little HOPE in your Heart!

Our aims: –

  • To provide a support network for Cardiovascular patients, carers & their families to access.
  • To create a Positive Approach & Attitude to highlight the Qualities of life.
  • To raise awareness & profile of Cardiovascular conditions by providing positive feedback to relevant Bodies & Associations.

Disclaimer:- Whilst the website and links offer a variety of information relating to areas that may be of interest, they aim to support you as an individual,  no pressure, no obligation, no hassle! we do not personally endorse or recommend any one particular group or organisation or provide any direct advice.

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LincolnHearts.Of.Positive.Energy.(H.O.P.E.) group meets every Thursday 2.00 – 4.00pm       (Cathedral Centre, Minster yard, Lincoln LN2 1PX) Free to attend.

H.O.P.E. is Lincolnshire’s member of the National Cardiovascular Patient Charity Council  CCP(UK) – Cardiovascular Care Partnership (UK) Affiant British Cardiovascular Society (BCS)