Was Life Like This…Ever?

OH well here goes my 1st blog!  I found this piece a little while ago written in

my Mother’s very distinctive handwriting© I felt it set the scene perfectly…

We met & We married a long time ago

We worked long hours & the wages were low

No TV, Wireless or Bath, Times they were hard

Just a cold water tap & a Loo up the yard!

No holidays abroad, no posh carpets on the floors

But coal on the fire & We didn’t have to lock the doors

Our children arrived, no pill in those days

Yet we brought them up without State Aid

They were safe to go out & play in the park

Would you believe it even Old Folk could go for a walk, after dark!

No Valium, No Drugs, No L.S.D.

We cured most ills with a good cup of Tea

If you were sick you were seen at once

Not, ‘Fill in that form, come back in 6 months’

No vandals, No muggings, We’d nothing to rob

We felt quite rich, if we’d a couple of bob!

People were happier in those far off days

Kinder and Caring, in so many ways

Milkmen & paperboys would whistle & sing

A night at the flicks, was our one mad fling

We all get our share of trouble & strife

We just have to face it, that’s the pattern of Life!

Now I’m alone, I look back through the years

I don’t think of the bad times, the trouble & tears

I remember the blessings……Our Home & Our Love

That We shared them together, I thank God above.

I have no idea if my Mum penned herself or re-wrote, there are many such sayings and opinions based around our ancestry, our genetics often associated with research or a specific condition “Oh it runs in the family!” you’ll often hear said.  The very bedrock and foundation that keep our roots grounded, yet with every generation as with each spring there are new, interesting and exciting opportunities that open our eyes allowing us to grow and develop – surely we must bring some of the good ole stuff along too!

My roots are such that my Dad and 1brother had aneurisms & Dads family history seems to echo the trend (I now know it is more common in men although my other brother chooses to ‘just get on with his life’) My Mum was in fact my Carer, I had orthopaedic operations from being 10days old and throughout life, this was unbeknown to her or anyone else as she ‘just got on with it’ and looked after my twin brothers and twin sisters, who I suppose in today’s world would also be Young Carers (well actually there’s another blog!) with no family close to support it was down to neighbours and friends to lend a hand, Aunty Dolly & Uncle George (adopted) were Mums ‘Constant Friends’ no matter what.

Maybe this does have some bearing on my current vocation, they were my trendsetters, unbeknown to me who ‘just got on with it’, had they been here now they would be climbing the steps to their ‘Centenary years’ Dad would have kept up with technology, at 81yrs he used to go to the local retirement home and ‘teach’ the wrinklies to use the PC, but Mum…well Blogging may well have been a rude word unless I explained, it’s like when you used too….

Write a letter home before phones

Keep a diary of interesting things

Chit chatted over the garden fence

Neighbourliness without cost, return or reward

Kept an eye on the other kids while ‘Peggy’ popped to the shop

Plated extra dinner for a neighbour in need

Invited someone in for a chat and a cuppa, friendly ear

Shared a story, recipe, bit of harmless gossip…good n bad news!?

Helped each other out, nobody ever on their own, unless they wanted to be

It’s just like talking but reaches more people and quicker…

There would have been glib comments from Mum …like “so when do you actually meet and talk properly?” any other comments I will leave to your own imagination!  I’m sure we can all take our own lessons & learnings from past life and bring to the future in a positive way, communities work in so many different ways and that is the beauty of choice, our lives become entwined as needs dictate, the paths that vary and the information we seek, yet we can each explore, almost too much, before we find what may work for us at any given time in our lives,  we take what we want and discard the rest!

Please! don’t lose the distinctive© mark of the individual along the way, cause that’s YOU the person, a truly remarkable unique individual!

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