All About Me

Living with a Long-term condition

All About Me - bookletThis is a ‘living’ document that tells those who are doing the caring ‘All About Me!’ the person not the illness. Ensuring relevant, joined-up care, for each individual. Because we own and update this document ourselves* with what we want others to know about us, if there’s a time when we require care from other organisations within our own home we are prepared.

This document was originally used for dementia patients and then realised those with other Long-term conditions who may go in hospital or have care in the home could also benefit greatly. This document is yours to write things down in about you and your requirements, that may be given by someone else, you can say… whom, when, why and how!

If you care for a friend, relative or neighbour with dementia or a Long-term condition this could help you and let the person you are caring for receive the ‘personalised’ care for the life they want and need, the little things that really do matter, even complete one for yourself.

There are many ways to obtain a booklet, initially ask any Health Care Professional that supports you regularly or;-  Contact United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Telephone PALS: 01476 464560 or 01476 464862


or ask at your own GP/doctor’s surgery.

* There are many organisations willing to help you fill in the form; there is also a website that a
distant relative can assist you.

HOPE supported All About Me from the earliest stages throughout the development and
continues to promote in partnership with patients, carers, health, social care and voluntary
sector agencies throughout Lincolnshire. There may be similar initiatives in other areas.

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