Carers chattering

Q. When are you a patient?       A. When you feel ill or have been given a Clinical diagnosis.

Q. When are you carer?

A. Probably every day you care about someone, yet it is when there’s more and more to do over and above the everyday norm,  the extra emotional impact, when you’re just not quite sure!

The simple answer to both Q’s we are individual people, who may be in need of a friend!       In times of change more than ever, we  look to create our own areas that we trust as safe, places that people just ‘get it’ without having to explain when you’re not ‘at your best.’

When you are caring for someone’s needs you also need to be cared for in order that you can deliver their care? YOU need to be “at your best to give your best”. This means you must care for yourselves, seeking help and support of others to achieve that if needed, is a sign of great strength not weakness. Working together – When “I” is replaced with “We”…even illness becomes Wellness! We are your Constant friend…a safe space.

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LincolnH.O.P.E. group meets every Thursday 2.00 – 4.00pm (Cathedral Centre, Minster yard, Lincoln LN2 1PX) we also hold a monthly carers meeting.

CARERS: the unsung heroes, the backbone of health & social care, the forgotten few…an army!      Just a few of the phrases as terms of gratitude and endearment, yet most don’t even recognise themselves as doing anything out of the ordinary!

Not everyone recognises themselves as a Carer or wants to be known as a Carer – help, information and advice is available in a variety of ways to enable you to access at a level to suit your individual needs.

This is an up to date website with a wealth of information dedicated to all carer issues – 0808 808 7777

April 1st 2015 the duty to support carers changed if you would like to know more about The Care Act and policy the above website may help: alternatively contact the Local Authority to check what information and support is available in your area.

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