Living with CVD

HOPELINKs, an independent organisation that identifies a range of areas that allow individual choice within a variety of self-care options to support your well-being, whilst living with a CVD condition, being able to try without commitment or the need to explain, each is either facilitated or recommended by people with ‘lived experience’ all have a sense of camaraderie associated with living a positive lifestyle,  it’s finding what works for YOU!



YOUR Values – OUR Vision

‘We can’t HOPE to support everyone within the spectrum of Cardiovascular Disease, our passion will always derive from our very roots of ‘Living with Heart Failure’ to influence and maintain the need for understanding how it is possible and practical to maintain a good quality of life to self-manage many of the aspects also associated with CVD (Cardiovascular Disease).

Our members have told us the one thing that would have made a difference was to be better connected to a source of information they could access easily!

 HOPELINKs can be the catalyst that brings people together at a crucial time, the initial point of need’   Pauline Mountain MBE – Founder, Hearts of Positive Energy

If you are ‘Living with CVD’ and you have found a good source of information though a website, an organisation, a group, a friendly act of kindness or way of supporting that you would like to share with other fellow friends, complete the questions on our form to be considered as a recommendation for inclusion in our online Information page and Friendship Files.

Contact us page complete form for inclusion – tell us in 200 words about your recommendation


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