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Why We Are Here….

…..because my husband Gordon, who’d, had 4 Heart Attacks & 2 Open Heart Surgery, spanning some 30 years also suffered from Heart Failure. His condition had worsened, yet what did it all mean?

The future looked bleak…..After much research and many blind alleys, we kept coming back to the same thoughts, the even IF’s … what IF’s ….. the one thing we had been given was not medical it was quite simply  HOPE … this needed to be captured! We soon began realising the benefits a group of people may gain by coming together with empathy and understanding, without explanation!

Heart Failure is not easily understood, and there were no specific support mechanisms in place. Whilst there were other groups in Lincolnshire and across the Country offering Cardiac support, Gordon would come away feeling despondent….so H.O.P.E. was BORN. Working alongside professionals, we tailored our group around ‘Living’ with a Long Term Condition, it’s focus – what each person ‘CAN DO’ within their capabilities – also meeting some of the emotional needs for patients, carers and their families……..now we invite professionals in when we need them! Gordon and AmieA picture paints a thousand words………  Aug 1996 we could not have known the impact that had been exchanged in such an innocent photo between Daddy & Daughter and the legacy that would unfold….. Little Miss Smarty pants loved the very heart of her ‘daddy’ and this was reciprocal, which just goes to show that even a ‘damaged’ heart cannot escape true love! June 2006 Amie also attended the 1st meeting of H.O.P.E. as register monitor, a true family affair!

HOPEGordon, aged 69, lived for 30years with Cardiovascular disease, ten of those with Heart Failure, sadly he lost his personal battle in June 2008, his Legacy lives on through the work of H.O.P.E. His courage & determination not only inspired me as his widow, also my daughter Amie (24) who pursued a career in medicine, now a junior Doctor, equally determined to make her ‘Daddy’ proud. We shared many very memorable years together, facing the hurdles with a determination & positive outlook; We will hold him in our hearts forever; “ I had the opportunity to share in the life of a very ‘stubborn’ Yorkshire man! In June 2013 I was awarded an MBE – ‘for services to Carers’, without Gordon I may never have embarked on such a road, a very humble & honoured experience! I sincerely HOPE I can continue to make a small difference too many others whilst on their own caring journey.”

Pauline Mountain MBE Founder, Hearts of Positive Energy

(former Carer to Gordon & proud Mum to Dr Amie)

 Pauline and Amie

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